Carl Freer – Carl Johan Freer

Carl Freer

A successful consumer technologies executive with years of experience in Europe and the United States, Carl Freer currently serves as the founder and chief innovation officer of Aluminaid. A medical device company headquartered in Singapore, Aluminaid has developed a line of topical, nonsurgical bandages designed to treat patients with first- and second-degree burns. As a leader of the company, Carl Freer remains dedicated to ethically driven management and works to implement top-quality procedures and design practices at all levels of the organization. Under the guidance of Carl Freer and the rest of the executive team, Aluminaid has developed medical products that withdraw heat from a burn and absorb it directly into the burn dressing. By releasing excess heat into the surrounding air, Aluminaid bandages provide immediate pain relief for burn patients and improved levels of comfort during treatment.

carl-j-freerCarl Freer has also overseen the introduction of a range of plasters…

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Carl Freer Announces Clinical Trials on Patented Burn Dressing

Carl Freer

As the founder at Aluminaid, Carl Freer founded a company that has pioneered the development of treatments for burn patients. Aluminaid has created the first significant technological disruption in burn care in the last century with its thermally conductive dressings for people with first- and second-degree burns. The patented bandages offer instant relief. Aluminaid has produced a wide range of burn dressings and is now expanding its distribution, as well as its portfolio of first-aid products.

Of the invention Freer said, “I suffered a severe 2nd degree burn to my hand a few years ago and despite holding my hand under cold running water the pain was too intense and being in the mountains, the closest doctor was over two hours away. My wife–who studied material science–told me to wrap the burn in foil as it would thermally conduct the heat away from the skin and relieve the pain. Reluctantly…

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Carl Johan Freer – Carl Freer

Carl Johan Freer

Carl Freer is a pioneering name in the field of innovation and technology as he has dedicated his entire career to fulfilling the causes of brining technical innovation and social betterment to the whole world. Carl Johan Freer began his early career as the co founder of a renowned company called Tiger Telematics, which introduced the famous handheld gaming system called Gizmondo to the world. The gaming system has given tough competition to the pioneering systems such as Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, which makes it one of the best in class. Tiger Telematics had been taken to the heights of success by Carl J Freer as he took them to famous global tech shows like CeBit in Germany and the International CES show held in Las Vegas.

The success story of Carl Freer does not end here as he entered a new phase in his career by starting up…

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Carl Freer – Carl J Freer – Carl Johan Freer

Carl Freer

The Future of the Innovation Technology World – Carl Freer

Carl Freer is a leading futurist, innovator and serial entrepreneur with over two decades experience in the technology sector. Swedish by birth, Carl has over a dozen of patents in the US, Europe and Asia. Carl J Freer’s latest venture, Aluminaid, was founded 2010.

Born in the year of 1970 in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, Carl Freer’s father was a programmer at IBM by profession and a nuclear engineer by qualification.

The founder of Aluminaid, Carl Johan Freer spent much of his early career creating disruptive technologies in the mobile device industry. From 2006 to 2009, he served as the director of innovation and product development at Magitech, Inc. At the company, Carl Freer worked with collaborators around the world, including leading academics from the University of Canterbury, the University of Graz, and Georgia Tech. His accomplishments…

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Gary Clare

Gary Clare

Gary Clare was born and raised in New York, Manhattan. He is currently a digital artist who started his formal art training at LaGuardia High School of the Arts in New York City with a concentration in Art & Music. Gary Clare majored in Graphics Design where he combined graphics, photography and typography.


In his career he works with many different companies such as Verve Jazz and V2 records where he produced a huge range of record sleeves, Cd’s and posters for major artists like Moby, Black Crows, and White Stripes etc. Gary Clare has had a lot of experience in the commercial world, which has enabled him to produce work that represents other people’s vision. His work presents his personal views on life, which people all over the world can relate to.


I find it very interesting how Gary Clare combines photography with graphic design and typography. The way…

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Gary Clare

Gary Clare

Gary Clare is a digital artist who was born and raised in New York, Manhattan. He began his formal art training at LaGuardia High School of the Arts in New York City with a concentration in Art & Music. He studied at the Art Students League for Illustration. Gary Clare built a strong portfolio and continued on to the School of Visual Arts (SVA). In his second year at SVA majored in Graphics Design where he combined graphics, photography & typography.


After graduating SVA he embarked on one year assignment in Barcelona, Spain for DDBN worldwide. He began a career of working with different companies like Verve Jazz, where he redesigned CD packaging for major artist like Herbie Hancock, Oscar Petterson, & Ella Fitzgerald and many more. The next label he worked for was owned by Richard Branson called V2 records, he produced a huge range of record sleeves, CDs…

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Gary Clare

Gary Clare

Gary Clare an expert Digital Artist.

Through painstaking research Gary Clare, has focused on creating branding, art direction & graphic design as different as each brand’s attributes. Gary Clare’s view on life and work is that we never know enough, nor can we do well enough and that this is something we can only strive to achieve through hard work, experimentation and observation. He treats all projects with a particular attention to contents.

brandinggraphic-designinglogo-design-corporate-brandingGary Clare

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